take the pleasure to announce a
a doctoral dissertation
Adam Kowalski, MSc, Master Mariner
on:  "Decision Support Model during sea ferry berthing maneuvers"
Important information from the Council of the Faculty of Navigation, which was held on 08.06.2011r in the hall of the Senate, MUS:

On 9-13.05.2011, within the Erasmus project, Andrzej Lisaj, PhD, our faculty worker, the head of the Department of Maritime Communications Technologies gave his next lecture at Cadiz thanks to the invitation of the University of Cadiz.

On 25-28.05.2011 our workers, Prof. Lucjan Gucma and Maciej Gucma, PhD, gave a series of lectures to 2nd grade students of Navigation in Slovenia.

1) Position masurement in Inertial Systems
2) Navigation Saftey
3) Gyros  
The 14th international conference INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TRANSPORT SCIENCE ICTS 2011 MARITIME TRANSPORT and LOGISTICS SCIENCE, organized by the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia in Grand Hotel Metropol in Portoroz, took place on 27.05.2011. Our employees have participated, as every year, in this most important conference of transport in the Balkans.
On 20.05.2011, the second international conference on the flagship project "Create a Network of Centers of Excellence for Maritime Training” was held. This time the conference was hosted by the Maritime University of Gdynia.

MUS was represented by Vice-Rector for teaching Przemyslaw Rajewski, Dean of the Faculty of Navigation, Jerzy Hajduk, Director of the ITM Janusz Uriasz, Zbigniew Szozda, Piotr Treichel, Elzbieta Plucińska. More information about the conference and the project on the project website
Photos from the ceremonial Council of the Faculty of Navigation - the 80th birthday anniversary of Prof Bolesława Mazurkiewicza
On 05/09/2011 at the National Research and Development Center in Warsaw a meeting with the Director of the Centre, Professor Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski on transport safety was held. The Maritime University of Szczecin in the field of maritime security was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Navigation Prof. Jerzy Hajduk, Master Mariner.
For the fourth time within the walls of our Alma Mater NAUTICAL-GEOGRAPIC COMPETITION for secondary school students was held. Faculty of Navigation workers, Master Mariners: Remigiusz Dzikowski, Jacek Frydecki and Tomasz Pluta, its co-organizers on behalf of the University, as well as the main jury of the competition, have also developed the competition questions.

On13 April 2011a meeting of the Committee of Lloy's Register of Poland in Międzyzdroje was held. An important element of the meeting was the part focused on the activities of Szczecin shipping companies and universities.
Dean of the Faculty of Navigation announces an open competition for the position of full professor in the Department of Mathematics at the Institute of Marine Technology at the Faculty of Navigation, Maritime University of Szczecin.

Report of the Council of Faculty of Navigation dated. 13.04.2011

On 6 April 2011. 38 students, members of research groups from all faculties of the University, attended a workshop on Ship Inspection Simulator, which took place in the Det Norske Veritas in Gdynia. Det Norske Veritas is a Norwegian foundation dedicated to, inter alia, the classification of ships, or the supervision of their construction and operation.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Zygmunt Raunmiagi senior engineering officer on the basis of Article 12 paragraph 1 and paragraph 3 of Resolution of 1 December 1961on the Chambers of the Sea, and of the Minister of Justice of 5 November 2004, was appointed by the Minister Infrastructure the juror of the Maritime Board for the period from 01 January 2011 to 31 December 2013


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