Witold Kazimierz, PhD, from the Department of Geoinformatics came first (in a tie), and Piotr Borkowski, PhD, Maritime Institute of Technology, in third place in the competition for funding under the project Internship- Success of a Researcher. ‘Internship- Success of a Researcher’ is funded by the EU project whose goal is to support the cooperation between scientific institutions and enterprises by enabling scientists to have their internship in selected companies. The executor of the project and the organizer of the competition is Poznan Academic Business Incubator (PAIP), and the project is co-financed by the European Social Fund.
From 30-31.08.2012, in Hamburg, International Conference on Information Ships ISIS 2011 was held. The conference was organized by the German Institute of Navigation (DGON) and attended by 75 representatives of research centers, universities, government and industry maritime shipping industry of the IT industry sector around the world.
On June 23, 2012 were held in Szczecin, the celebration of World Hydrography. At the invitation of the Director of Maritime Office in Szczecin, the organizer of the ceremony, the hydrographical unit, HYDROGRAF XXI of the Maritime University of Szczecin and the staff of the Department of Geoinformatics participated in the celebrations. Prof. Assoc. Andrzej Stateczny, marine hydrographer category A, Natalia Wawrzyniak, MSc and Grzegorz Zaniewicz, MSc, presented the unit’s hydrographic equipment including the Multi-beam sonar, GeoSwath Plus and sonar Edgetech 4125 MS 1000. The Unit was visited by many hydrographers including the head of the Navy Hydrographic Office, Commander Henryk Nitner.
On 2-6.07.2012 in London took place the 58th session of the Subcommittee on Navigation Safety (NAV) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The session was attended by the Polish delegation consisting of the Navigational Faculty staff members: Professor Zbigniew Pietrzykowski and Witold Kazimierski, PhD, where they presented NAVDEC, an innovative navigation system for decision support on a seagoing vessel, developed at the Maritime University of Szczecin.
On 11-12.06 'International Marine Technologies Workshop' seminar took place at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo (China). About 100 people directly related to the maritime industry (technology companies like Ulstein, Hyundai, Samsung, consulting firms and managers as Lloyds or R +)'s electronic technologies (Levonic, IBM) and a number of universities (Nottingham, MUS, WHUT, and others) attended the seminar.
On 14-15 June 2012 MUS MTE (AM IRM) delegation visited Zhejiang Ocean University (ZOU) in the Chinese province of Zhejiang (Zhoushan archipelago). During the visit, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Institute of MTE (IRM) and the Faculty of Naval Architecture and Civil Engineering. Prof. L. Gucma signed the agreement on behalf of the IRM, while the ZOU were represented by Professor Xie, the Dean of the faculty. The hosts were invited to a return visit in Poland in autumn of this year. The agreement of intent includes student exchange of the 3rd degree studies and exchange of professors.
On 12/06/2012 Prof. Lucjan Gucma and Maciej Gucma, PhD, participated in a technical meeting combined with a visit to the center of Ningbo VTS. VTS covered by the PRC Maritime Administration occupies an area of the South China Sea at Hangzhou bay between the mainland and the Zhoushan archipelago. Annually under the responsibility of Ningbo VTS there are approximately 80 thousand ships> 3000T, and unknown number of smaller units.
April 30. Minister of Transport, Building and Shipping Slawomir Nowak called the Warsaw Council for the Promotion of Inland Shipping. Nominations were made on May 22 by the Secretary of State Anna Wypych Namiotko during the first Council meeting in the new composition. One of the council member has become the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Navigation MUS, Jacek Frydecki, MSc, Master Mariner. 
Navigation Faculty Council at its meeting on 23.5.2012 adopted a resolution approving the plan and the doctoral program in surveying and cartography discipline and the discipline of transport.
Rada Wydziału Nawigacyjnego na posiedzeniu w dniu 23.05.2012 r. rozpatrzyła przedłożone dokumenty dotyczące wszczęcia przewodu doktorskiego w dziedzinie nauki techniczne w dyscyplinie geodezja i kartografia i w głosowaniu tajnym podjęła uchwałę o wszczęciu przewodu doktorskiego mgr inż. Roberta Władysława Bauera nt.: „Metoda transformacji współrzędnych punktów niejednorodnej sieci triangulacyjnej na układ współrzędnych jednorodnych”. Promotorem rozprawy doktorskiej został prof. dr hab. inż. Józef Sanecki.
On 21-25 May at the Sofitel Victoria Microwave and Radar Week hotel took place Microwave and Radar Week during which the 13th international conference of the International Radar Symposium 2012 was held. The conference was attended by over 550 participants, including employees of the Department of Geoinformatics: Prof. Andrzej Stateczny, Jacek Łubczonek, PhD, Witold Kazimierski MSc and Grzegorz Zaniewicz, MSc. At the opening session of the IRS-2012, with a full house of participants, the paper "Aspects of Radar Navigation" was delivered by Prof. . Andrzej Stateczny.This was one of the two papers of the opening session.

Dean and the Faculty Council


Martin Przywarty, MSc

‘Stochastic model for the assessment of navigational safety in open water areas’

On 21.03 and 22.03 two of our employees, Andrzej Bak, PhD and Maciej Gucma, PhD, participated in two very successful trade events in the capital of Poland. The first visited place was job fairs, organized for students at the Technical University of Warsaw. As one of the biggest events of this kind organized for students of Warsaw universities, the fair was attractive mainly due to a great variety of jobs and industry diversification. Very high standard of organization and a large number of exhibitors was the guarantee of success. 22.03 Automaticon fair, the biggest event held for automation, roboticists, and any related industry.
On 23 March 2012 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a meeting of the Working Group for coordinating the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea SUERMB was held. The meeting focused on exchange of information on good practice. The Director of the Institute of Marine Technology, Janusz Uriasz attended the meeting due to the invitation of the Director of European Policy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
On 17.02.2012, at the headquarters of the Polish Register of Shipping SA in Gdansk, the inaugural meeting of the newly called PRS Technical Board for its fifteenth term for the years 2012-2016 was held. Our staff members of the Faculty of Navigation: Zbigniew Pietrzykowski, PhD and Associate Professor Zbigniew Szozda were nominated as Board members by the chairman of the Board, Jan Jankowski, PhD.