Students of the Maritime University of Szczecin took part in the University Sport Association Championships in two categories: pneumatic pistol and pneumatic rifle. Our competitors won one gold medal and 2 bronze ones individually and won the team classification! This is a great success of the section, which has only been operating at our university for a year. The 3rd Open Academic Shooting Sport Championships of Pomerania took place in Lębork.
At the 11th "Slovakia Cantat" International Choral Festival in Bratislava, the Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin took the 1st place in two categories, won the Grand Prix and the chorus conductor – Sylwia Fabiańczyk-Makuch – received the prize for the best conductor.
In 2015, the scientific and research team of employees from the Marine Traffic Engineering Centre developed an e-learning application for K-Bridge and K-Nav ECDIS systems for Konsberg Maritime AS. Information concerning this topic has been widely spread in the navigation environment by the popular magazine and website - Marine Electronics.
Wojciech Ślączka, PhD, Mater Mariner, Professor of the Maritime University was elected the Rector of the Maritime University of Szczecin for the 2016-2020 term of office by the University Electoral College at the election meeting on 12.04.2016.
The 2016-2020 term of office will commence on 1.09.2016 and finish on 31.08.2020.
We would like to congratulate the Rector Elect and wish him successful implementation of his plans for the future term of office.
On 23rd March 2016, Katarzyna Żelazny, PhD, Eng. from the Faculty of Maritime Technology and Transport of the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin was awarded with the research degree of a habilitated doctor in the field of technical sciences, discipline of transport by the Council of the Faculty of Navigation of the Maritime University of Szczecin. These were the first habilitation proceedings conducted at the Faculty of Navigation.
On 23rd March 2016, at the Faculty of Navigation Łukasz Lemieszewski, MSc successfully defended his doctoral dissertation in the field of technical sciences, discipline of transport, entitled "A Method of Detecting Spoofing of Global Satellite Navigation Systems in the Aspect of Transport Security". The dissertation was written under supervision of Professor Evgeny Ochin, PhD, Eng. from the Faculty of Navigation, Maritime Academy of Szczecin
The Choir of the Maritime University of Szczecin conducted by Sylwia Fabiańczyk- Makuch proudly present their new video clip for the song "Paradise", originally performed by Coldplay. The clip was recorded during their last stay on Malta, where the group also participated in the 22nd International Choir Festival winning two Golden Diplomas.
From 29 February to 4 March 2016, the 3rd session of the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation, Communication, Search and Rescue (NCSR) of the International Maritime Organization was held in London.
From 02 to 03 March, the second edition of Green Cities Conference was held in Szczecin. There were 70 participants, including world-famous scientists, representatives of city authorities and enterprises operating in the business connected with transport and urban logistics.
The investments made in the previous year by the Marine Rescue Training Centre of the Maritime Academy of Szczecin have borne fruit. The renovation of roofs with gutters, exchange of floors, chairs and desks have not only had influence on better perception of the Centre by course participants whose trainings are now held in more comfortable conditions. Along with adding specialist medical gear and equipment for working at heights to the Centre’s teaching facilities, the investments enabled establishing cooperation in new fields with new entities.
On 8 February 2016, Janusz Uriasz, PhD. Eng., professor of the Maritime University was appointed a member of the Committee on Geodesy of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) for the term of office for the years 2016-2020. Appointments of the members for the new term of office were awarded by Professor Antoni Rogalski, Dean of Division IV of Technical Sciences of PAN.
The closing meeting of the project ESABALT (Enhanced Situational Awareness to Improve Maritime Safety in the Baltic) was held on 10 February 2016 in Helsinki, at the headquarters of the National Land Survey of Finland, organized by the Finish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI). The project has been carried out by partners from Finland, Sweden and Poland. The Maritime University of Szczecin is a project partner: a Navigation faculty team of scientists is headed by prof. Zbigniew Pietrzykowski.
On 1-5 February 2016 in London, a third meeting of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Sub-committee for Human Factor, Training and Watch-keeping Duties (HTW) took place. The session of the Sub-committee was attended by Prof. Janusz Uriasz, a representative of Poland, and the director of the Institute of Marine Technologies of the Faculty of Navigation at the Maritime University of Szczecin.
On 3-4 February 2016, Poznan University of Economics hosted the presidents and board members of SPVs of universities and institutes across the country. Among the participants there was also the board of the Centre for Innovation at the Maritime University of Szczecin.
On January 11, 2016, Director of the Institute of Marine Technologies Janusz Uriasz PhD. Eng., professor of the Maritime University was appointed a member of the Polish Accreditation Committee (PAK) for the 2016-2019 period.