Next partners meeting took place at Białystok. Main goal of the visit was finalizing first version of Entrepreneurship Course, which will be implemented during summer school at Chios, Greece.
The Senate of the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia at the session on 8th January 2015 i.e. on the 85th birthday of Prof Aleksander Walczak
The Maritime University of Szczecin has signed an agreement on cooperation with the Technical University of Varna. The profile of educating engineers in the Bulgarian university will enable undertaking joint activities both among scientific staff and students.

The Maritime Rescue Training Centre does not lower the speed of work on the days before public holidays and acts dynamically towards meeting the demands of its customers. On Good Friday 03.04.2015 until late evening hours, the Centre carried out trainings which required the use of specialist equipment.

The Maritime University in Szczecin becomes more open to cooperation with the economic environment.

On 17 March 2015 in the seat of the SSPA Sweden in Goeteborg another (second) work meeting of the ESABALT (Enhanced Situational Awareness to Improve Maritime Safety in the Baltic) project took place. The project is carried out by partners from Finland, Sweden and Poland.

IMO's Sub-committee on Safety of Navigation, Communication, Search and Rescue held its second session in London between 9.03 - 13.03.2015.

The first International Navigation Conference, organised by London Royal Institute of Navigation, was held between 23-26 February 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom.
The second place for the team of employees of the Faculty of Navigation of the Maritime University in Szczecin in the Galileo Masters 2014 - European Satellite Navigation Competition.

The Faculty of Navigation of our university gained the right to confer the title of doktor habilitowany (habilitated doctor) of technical sciences in the field of transport. Therefore, it is the first Faculty of Navigation in Poland with such rights. Except for the Maritime University of Szczecin, studies at the same faculty are also provided by: Gdynia Maritime University and Polish Naval Academy.

On Tuesday, 10th February 2015, a huge economic event took place in Stargard Szczeciński, the aim of which was to bring closer the world of business and science. 

The project "NOVELOG - New cooperative business models and guidance for sustainable city logistics", in which our University is represented by the team of Stanislaw Iwan, PhD from the Faculty of EET, was approved for funding by the European Commission within Horizon 2020, the biggest research programme of the EU. 
An official launching of the latest book by Prof Aleksander Walczak From an alley of memories (about and for the sea) will take place on 29th January (Thursday) 2015 at 2.30 pm in the Zdzisław Łaski Lecture Hall.
GWO is an acronym of the Global Wind Organisation which brings together manufacturers and owners of wind turbines. Its aim is to minimise any accident risk in the wind sector. The organisation has developed its own safety training programme (Basic Safety Training - BST) the completion of which equips a person in a turbine-related job with an ability to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency.
Premises of the former Complex of Technical and Maritime Secondary Schools in Szczecin have become the property of the Maritime University of Szczecin.